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Topography – GPS – Geodesy – Cadastre – Mapping

INTERNATIONAL PARTNER BÜRO S.R.L. operates in the field of Topography – Cadastre – Mapping – Geodesy. Having the advantage of a highly specialized team and offering extra quality to all projects we are involved in, we have succeeded in drawing the attention of companies requiring high standards. The know-how of the management team, acquired both in Romania and Germany with the help of land survey specialists and experienced Geodesy engineers resulted in the training of a strong Romanian team, which is able to find the right answer to any request, irrespective of its level of complexity.

We are involved in unique projects, with a high degree of difficulty for which only our specialists can find efficient solutions.

Our motto:

Professionalism + Punctuality + Accuracy = Quality


International Partner Buro S.R.L. is licensed by the National Agency for Cadastre and Land Registration to perform and verify CLASS ONE specialty works in the fields of cadastre, geodesy and mapping, according to the Regulations approved by Order of the Public Administration Minister no. 538/01.10.2001.

All approvals and ISO



Total statios:

Leica und Trimble

We operate with the highest performance total stations produced by the best manufacturers of survey instruments – Leica and Trimble.

Equipment list



We operate with the highest performance GPS – GNSS geodetic receivers manufactured by Trimble.

Equipment list




Because our engineers are prepared for any challenge.


Due to the high accuracy instruments that we use.


Because we always respect the contractual deadline.


Because this is what matters to us.